Vance Patterson has been a lifelong conservative Republican. Vance is a committed Christian and Sunday School teacher, and he is dedicated to defending the social conservative values that are the bedrock of American society. Vance is firm believer in the brilliance of our Constitution, written on Biblical principles, and designed to protect us from tyranny as long as we protect those principles.

Vance Patterson will bring a broad spectrum of experience and insight to the United States Congress. With 37 years of business experience, Vance has started 16 companies, including two that have been named in “INC. 500 fastest growing companies in America.” He is an experienced negotiator, an economist and a financial analyst. Most importantly, Vance is intimately familiar with the challenges of creating jobs and fighting against the natural and government-induced obstacles that stand in the way of business owners.

In their 37 years together, Vance and his wife Mary Jo have raised four children, Cody, Matt, Megan, and Devin. Vance is also well aware of the challenges facing families today. Between his businesses and the family, Vance has a deeply ingrained sense of fiscal conservatism that he will carry to Washington.

As an avid outdoorsman, Vance loves to get out and enjoy our beautiful surroundings here in Western North Carolina. As a gun owner from the age of 6, Vance is a firm believer in the right to arms for hunting, but also to defend yourself and your loved ones as you see fit, and he is even a black-belt in karate.

In the course of conducting business, he has traveled extensively including international locations such as Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, Mexico, UK, and many European Union countries, experience that will prove uniquely valuable in foreign policy deliberations as well.

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